About Water Damage Restore

It’s almost impossible to avoid water damages or related issues in your house or business place. Luckily, when you’ve got a professional company that you can rely on, you are safe. Water Damage Restore has several decades of experience in the restoration business. We have the best tools and methods to manage various kinds of water damage problems. As a result, while it is your home or a commercial building, we could comfortably fix the problem once and for all.

We know what is needed to get the job done in your basement, crawl space, base, ceiling, kitchen, bedrooms and other areas of your residence.

Who we are

Water Damage Restore is dedicated to excelling in regards to supplying water damage restoration services. Ergo, we could do anything in our power to make sure we excel and meet our clients in North Carolina. We’ll always go the extra mile by training our technicians, using the appropriate methods and processes and investing in top-notch water damage restoration gear. We know that honesty, courtesy, and professionalism are a few of the attributes that make a connection between a professional company and its customers. As a result, we train our technicians always to honor our clients and to work faithfully at all times.

Owner Dan Smith

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Whenever you have a water damage problem, hire professionally trained technicians to receive reliable services. Water Damage Restore professionals take normal courses in water damage, mold removal, fire damage, and mitigation loss control to improve their knowledge and abilities. The specialists are trained and certified by IICRC, have the proper equipment and have vast experience in water damage restoration. With such understanding, our experts understand all local, state and federal regulations. They also know the IICRC guidelines and processes to follow in water reduction. You don’t need to peg your hopes on inexperienced employees to restore your water issues whereas Water Damage Restore of Davidson has professionally trained technicians.

Our Mission

We aim at being the best restoration firm locally and nationally because we believe in our capabilities. Through the years, we’ve established a great relationship with our customers, and we’re still trying to achieve more in the future. As the top water damage restoration company in North Carolina, we pride ourselves on offering quality services. If you are a resident of Hopewell, Cornelius, Mt Mourne, Huntersville, Caldwell or nearby areas, contact Water Damage Restore via (704) 703-2799.